Posted by: Andi Arsana | October 19, 2009

Barbados, France sign Maritime Boundary Delimitation Treaty

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados (BGIS) — Representatives of the government of Barbados and the government of France on Friday signed an agreement on the delimitation of the maritime space between Barbados and France. Signature of the accord was effected on behalf of the government of Barbados by Senator Maxine McClean, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade and on the French side by Michel Trinquier, non-resident Ambassador of France to Barbados.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, Maxine McClean, and France’s non-residential Ambassador to Barbados, Michel Trinquier, signing the agreement.

The Agreement delimits the overlap of the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zones of Barbados and France (in respect of Martinique and Guadeloupe) and, furthermore, provides for the delimitation of the potential overlap between the parties in the maritime space beyond 200 nautical miles, commonly referred to as the extended continental shelf. Both Barbados and France have made submissions to the United Nations Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) with respect to the delineation of the outer limits of their respective continental shelves and are cooperating in that regard.

The signing of this Agreement represents the culmination of three rounds of formal negotiations held between May 2006 and November 2007. The fact that Barbados and France were able to reach such speedy agreement bears testimony to the atmosphere of cordiality and mutual respect within which the negotiations were conducted.

In remarks following the signing ceremony, both Minister McClean and Ambassador Trinquier recalled the traditionally warm and cooperative relations that exist between Barbados and France and expressed deep satisfaction at the significant milestone recorded in the relationship through the conclusion and signature of the maritime delimitation treaty.

McClean hailed the Agreement as a tribute to what can be achieved when states approach potentially challenging issues in a spirit of genuine partnership and cooperation. Barbados and France established diplomatic ties in May 1968.


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