Posted by: Andi Arsana | April 1, 2009

Confirming Indonesia’s territory and jurisdiction

Indonesias new baselines

Indonesia's new baselines

Earlier this month, Indonesia deposited a list of geographical coordinates of the Indonesian Archipelagic Baselines to the United Nations. These are references from which territorial and maritime jurisdictions are measured.

Baselines are important also in delimiting maritime boundaries with neighbouring states. In short, baselines are vital in defining Indonesia’s territory and jurisdiction.

The baselines deposited by Indonesia are based on Government Regulation No. 38/2002 as amended by Government Regulation No. 37/2008. It is the first time in history Indonesia has deposited complete baselines enclosing the whole of the archipelago.

The deposit consists of 195 points with coordinates of latitude and longitude expressed in WGS’84 geodetic datum. The baselines define a belt connecting the outermost points of outlying islands in such a way as to enclose the whole Indonesian of the archipelago.

Read the rest in the Jakarta Post.


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