Posted by: Andi Arsana | March 24, 2009

Grenada and Trinidad making progress in maritime boundary delimitaion

Taken from Grenada Broadcating Network

The Trinidad and Tobago-Grenada Joint Commission on Delimitation of the Maritime Boundary between their two countries met in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago on 19th and 20th March, 2009.

The Opening Session was addressed by the Honourable Peter David, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Grenada and by Senator the Honourable Conrad Enill, Minister of Foreign Affairs, a.i. of Trinidad and Tobago.

The technical discussions that followed were led by Dr. Carlyle Mitchell on behalf of the Government of Grenada and by Ambassador Gerald Thompson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. These two officials will serve as Co-Chairs of the Joint Commission.

During those discussions the two sides engaged in a broad exchange of views on the various legal and hydrographic considerations based on the applicable provisions of the 1982 Convention on the Law of the Sea and the law of maritime boundary delimitation as evidenced by the practice of States and decisions of international tribunals, which ought to be taken into account in arriving at an equitable solution delimiting their respective maritime claims.

Both delegations agreed that some initial progress was made in identifying those issues on which further detailed consideration would need to be given.

The Joint Commission expressed the hope that it would be possible to make a joint recommendation to both Governments before the end of 2009 which could, if accepted by both Governments, lead to the early signature and ratification of a maritime boundary delimitation treaty between both countries in the Caribbean Sea.

The Co-Chairs of the Joint Commission acknowledged that the negotiations took place in an atmosphere of cordiality and mutual respect which reflects the excellent relations which happily exists between the Governments and peoples of these two southern Caribbean Island States which are no more than approximately 90 miles apart.

The Joint Commission has recommended that it meet again at the earliest possible time to continue the work started at its Inaugural Meeting. Consideration is being given to resuming discussions by mid-May 2009.


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