Posted by: Andi Arsana | March 13, 2009

Indonesia’s Archipelagic Baseline

Indonesia's Archipelagic Baselines

Indonesia's Archipelagic Baselines

Last week, Indonesia deposited the list of coordinates of its archipelagic baseliens to the United Nations. It was for the first time since its archipelagic baselines was designated, Indonesia deposits its baseline.

The seed of Indonesia’s archipelagic baselines was proposed in 1960 through Law No. 4/Prp/1960. The Law was then replaced by a new Law No. 6/1996 followed by the stipulation of the Government Regulation No. 31/1998 on baselines around Natuna Island.

In 2002, Indonesia stipulated a new Government Regulation on archipelagic baseline No. 38/2002. However, the 2002 regulation does not fully enclose Indonesian archipelago and leaves a gap around Timor Island. In addition, the 2002 regulation includes Sipadan and Ligitan within Indonsian territory. To solve these problems, Indonesia stipulated a new government regulation No. 37/2008. This completes the pending issues in the 2002 regulation.

Baselines that Indonesia deposited to the UN last week is the completed baseline enclosing the whole Indoensian archipelago as shown in figure above. The KMZ version of the baseline can be downloaded here, while the points and their description can be obtained here.


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