Posted by: Andi Arsana | March 4, 2009

Miangas Island? No Worries!

Pulau Miangas

Pulau Miangas

Those who learn international law, especially the law of the sea would apparently know the famous Las Palmas Case decided in 1928. Max Huber was the sole arbitrator for the case that has been considered one of the most phenomenal arbitration cases ever. Las Palmas was disputed by the Netherlands and the United States of America and the arbitrator decided that sovereignty over the island belonged to the Netherlands. Las Palmas is another name for Pulau Miangas.

Last month Pulau Miangas became a story in Indonesia. Unconfirmed news indicated that the island was included in the Philippines’ tourism map. While confirmation is being sought, worries regarding the losing of an island have spread in the Indonesian media. In response to this, Indonesia’s minister of foreign affairs asserted that Miangas is an integral part of Indonesia (The Jakarta Post Feb.14, 2009).

Read the rest in the Jakarta Post…


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