Posted by: Andi Arsana | February 4, 2009

Creeping maritime jurisdiction: Disclosing what lies beneath the oceans



Almost 64 years ago, the American President, Harry S. Truman, proclaimed that the natural resources of the subsoil and seabed of the continental shelf beneath the high seas but contiguous to the coasts of the United States as appertaining to the United States, subject to its jurisdiction and control.

He asserted that the United States preserves the rights to explore and exploit natural resource therein.

This monumental movement was then followed by other states in the world, which then became the inseparable part of the history of creeping maritime jurisdiction.

Since then, it has been viewed that a state should be able to exercise its sovereignty or sovereign rights not only over its land territory but also over its maritime area adjacent to the land.

Read the rest in the Jakarta Post…


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