Posted by: Andi Arsana | October 4, 2008

NZ continental shelf recommendation revealed

After Australia was granted approximately 2.6 million square km of extended continental shelf, now New Zealand seems to be very happy with its own extended continental shelf. The Commission adopted the recommendation in its 22nd session in New York August this year.

The interesting part is that NZ decided to publish the detailed recommendation of the Commission in its MFAT website. As far as this blog is concerned, NZ is the first State revealing details of the Commission’s recommendation. This is a positive action of NZ for the following reasons:

  1. Publishing the recommendation means sending an implicit message to the Commission that its works would be judged, not only by the coastal State in question but also by others. This can give positive motivation to the Commission to work better and better.
  2. Transparency of the delineating process is higher.
  3. The current decision/recommendation by the Commission can be used as a benchmark by other States that are proposing their Extended continental shelf.

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