Posted by: Andi Arsana | September 20, 2008

Mauritius, Seychelles to make joint submissions for continental shelf

Taken from The African Press Agency

APA – Victoria (Seychelles) In order to meet the May 2009 deadline to claim the extended continental shelf, Seychelles and Mauritius on Friday signed a framework agreement to enable both countries to meet the targeted date to make joint submissions to the United Nations.

The documents were signed at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Seychellois capital Victoria by Raymond Chang-Tave, special adviser at the Seychelles Ministry of National Development and the Mauritian High Commissioner to Seychelles Jagdish Coonjun.

Following the signing ceremony, Raymond Chang-Tave indicated that it had become imperative to sign the accord as the submissions have to be made by the 13 May 2009; otherwise, there is a great risk that both countries will lose the areas they are claiming.

Chang-Tave observed that the legal, scientific and technical effort necessary to reach the targeted date is huge but that both Seychelles and Mauritius will strive to work together to reach the goal as they did with the delimitation of the extended economic zone boundary when a final agreement was signed in July.

For his part, High Commissioner Coonjun indicated that both countries have decided to make joint submissions as there is an area of overlap between the extended continental shelves of the two countries.


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