Posted by: Andi Arsana | September 6, 2008

NZ’ extended continental shelf confimed?

NZs proposed ECS

NZ's proposed ECS

A news report form Stuff states that NZ is expecting to hear the decision by CLCS concerning its submission made in 2006. As also released by NZ Herald, the NZ Minister of Foreign Affairs believed that the decision has been made by the Commission it its 22nd session on 18-29 August 2008. However, there has been no official news confirming whether NZ’s ECS has been finally confirmed/recommended by the Commission. Let’s wait and see.

New Zealand submitted the outer limits of its ECS on 19 April 2006 covering approximately 1.6 millions square km of new sea bed area. If the proposed area is agreed/recommended by the Commission, NZ will significantly add new seabed area of about six times the size of its land mass. The submission was the result of hard work within the NZ Continental Shelf Project for about ten years. The information can also be obtained from the Article 76 UNCLOS NZ project.

During the 22nd session, the Commission also continued assessing other submission including joint submission by Ireland, Spain, UK and France; Norway;  France; and Mexico. Two new submission to consider are from UK (for Assencion Island’s ECS) and from Barbados. Meanwhile, the latest submission made by Indonesia was not yet considered in the session. Here is map of the proposed ECS by NZ.


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