Posted by: Andi Arsana | August 31, 2008

UK confirms its ECS around Ascension Island

ECS around Ascension Island

ECS around Ascension Island

UK submitted its extended continental shelf (ECS) to the Commission on the Limits of the Continental shelf (CLCS) on 9 May 2008. The submission covers the continental shelf around Ascension Island, one of the UK’s external territories. This submission is the second made by the UK after its first submission made jointly with France, Ireland and Spain in 2006.

In the latest CLCS’ session, on 27 August 2008, the UK government presented its sumbission to CLCS confirming its intention to secure approximately 77,220 sq miles (199,998.882 square kilometers). The Commission, subsequently analyzes and considers the submission in a subcommittee and then provide recommendation.

Figure 1 describe the ECS area submitted by the UK for Ascension Island. It consists of two parts: east and west of the island. Detailed description of the submission can be obtained from the excecutive summary provided by the UK.


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