Posted by: Andi Arsana | May 10, 2008

Eleven ECS submissions have been made

As up to the end of 2007, the Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf had received nine submissions of outer limits of continental shelf by coastal states. In 2008 (as per 9 May 2009) two more submission have also been made. Therefore, eleven submissions in total have been filed by the Commission. The submitters are Russia (20 December 2001), Brazil (17 May 2004), Ireland (20 May 2005), New Zealand (19 April 2006), joint submission by Spain, Northern Ireland, UK and France (19 Mei 2006), Norway (27 November 2006), France (22 May 2007), Mexico (13 December 2007), Barbados (8 May 2008) and UK and Northern Ireland (9 May 08).

How about Indonesia?
Indonesia has one year to go until 13 May 2009. No submission has been made so far. However, Indonesia is ready to submit ECS for the location to the west of Aceh as revealed in the website of Bakosurtanal.


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