Posted by: Andi Arsana | November 24, 2005

Expert Advice

Intensive studies and good efort to build networks have slowly borne fruit. Started from teaching activities, now some even come to ask for expert advice. I still could not believe somebody asked me to provide my expert opinion regarding maritime boundaries 😦

An Indonesian delegate came to Canberra last week searchig for data and advice regarding maritime boundary delimitation among Indonesia, Timor Leste and Australia. Through Pak Hanung of DKP, whom I taught during a short course in CMP, Wollongong University, I was invited to come and join the discussion. It was such a good opportunity as I can directly contribute to the real problem Indonesia is currently facing.

I met Collonel Sugito of Dishidros and alao Pak Kris, the acting Ambasssador of Indonesia for Australia. The discussion was good and also excellent contacts were made. I, in a very short period, wrote a short popular-scientific paper describing the options of maritime boundary delimitation between Indonesia and Timor Leste. Hope the opinion will help, even though just a bit.


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